The song moon river by johnny mercer and henry mancini

The s saw a shift from revues to stage and movie musicals using song to further the plot. With this recording, the melody is well established on its own before Johnny Mercer's classic lyric has a chance to offer further emotional cues.

The history of Henry Mancini's Moon River

Hepburn's reaction was described by Mancini and others in degrees varying from her saying, "Over my dead body! It has not been made public before. Posted by Charles Richard Livesay at 3: It has touched a great number of people, and artists across a diverse range of genres have given it a shot.

Their affair revived later. Over a quietly lush backing of strings, George Fields plays the distinctive tune on harmonica for the first verse, followed by strings in harmony for the second, finished by a pop, male-female vocal ensemble for the final verse.

The leap of a sixth and a descending delineation of a major triad precede another sixth leap to the fifth of the new key. Writing songs for movies offered two distinct advantages. We were all stunned, totally stunned. The phrase structure of the bridge reverts to the usual stock pattern of sub-phrases, providing necessary contrast between A and B: In his last year, Mercer became fond of pop singer Barry Manilowin part because Manilow's first hit record was of a song titled " Mandy ", which was also the name of Mercer's daughter Amanda.

Nowadays, he even has a dinner theatre named for it in Branson, Mo. How many of us have watched the moon on the water and wondered what the future holds? The song just seems so elemental that despite the fact that it was only written as far back asit is hard to imagine that the melody has not always existed.

It was recorded live as An Evening with Johnny Mercer. Now Mercer's lyrics began to display the combination of sophisticated wit and southern regional vernacular that characterize some of his best songs. The next day Mercer called Joyce to apologize for the line "So, set 'em up, Joe," explaining "I couldn't get your name to rhyme.

And it tasted terrible. Mercer quit the chorus line and became a seamstress, and to save money the newlyweds moved in with Ginger's mother in Brooklyn. The friend could be another person who is there as he faces the world head on.

Lots of love, Audrey. Mercer stated that his song " I Remember You " was the most direct expression of his feelings for Garland. That universality is what leads so many to try their hand at the song. Danny Williams had a hit version of the song that reached number one in the UK in the final week of What is it about this song that causes such a reaction?

There has to be something that audiences connect with emotionally. Here are five good ones. The performance by the Philharmonia Film Orchestra and the Philharmonia Chorus will be conducted by Justin Freer, who restored the musical soundtrack."Moon River" (music by Henry Mancini) for Breakfast at Tiffany's " Days of Wine and Roses " (music by Henry Mancini) for Days of Wine and Roses Mercer was also nominated for Best Original Song Score for the Mancini collaboration Darling Lili.

Mercer wrote three sets of lyrics, his favourite version inspired by the full moon over a river near his childhood home in Savannah, Georgia, says Ginny Mancini.

Moon River

Moon River is a real river in Savannah, Georgia, where Mercer grew up. His home overlooked the river and he had fond memories of the place. At the time, the river was known as The Back River, but was renamed Moon River in honor of the song, and Johnny Mercer's home along the river became known as the Moon River House.

The song was originally written for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Henry Mancini composed the melody, with Johnny Mercer adding lyrics inspired by the moon over a river near his home in Savannah, Georgia. A Paramount Pictures executive tried to remove it due to running time, but Audrey Hepburn insisted it stay in the movie.

Moon River is a simple song, but the dreamy soundtrack for the film adaptation of the Truman Capote classic has a complicated history. "Moon River" From "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Was Actually Inspired By the South.

Andy Williams - Moon River Lyrics

But how did the enchanting song, written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer and performed by Audrey Hepburn as Holly. "Moon River" is a song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. It was originally performed by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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The song moon river by johnny mercer and henry mancini
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